Excessivism predisposition started to appear in the works of number of European artists such as a German-British painter Frank Auerbach, Belgian painter Bram Bogart and others from the 1950's. Auerbachs obsession to get it 'right' leads him to paint an image and then scrape it off the canvas at the end of each day, repeating the process time and again, illustrates that excessivism was part of his creative approach not only by outcome, but also by the process he employed.

Excessivism is the collective title that is given to artists whose works are based on Excessivism tendencies.

Pre 2015 these artists were not defined through Excessivism scope. The inaugural exhibition of Excessivism took place in LA Artcore Brewery Annex gallery with the title "Excessivist Initiative" curated by Kaloust Guedel. The Excessivism Manifesto was published in Downtown News weekly in September of 2015. The Selection of the artists and works were made based on their demonstration of excessivist tendencies.

The idea was conceived in the studio of Kaloust Guedel based on his personal realizations of his relationship as a consumer with the capitalist environment. Excessivism concept was introduced to the Los Angeles art scene in November of 2014 in the Red Pipe gallery with a solo exhibition of Kaloust Guedel. It was titled Excess The New Norm. The exhibition was curated by art critic and curator Mat Gleason of Coagula Curatorial.

2015 marked the official establishment of the Excessivism movement with three layers of foundation:

- Manifesto and its publication.
2- Acknowledgment of the movement by experts first of which was published in The Huffington Post Sep. 23, 2015
3- The inaugural exhibition of Excessivistm as a movement.

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